How it all began...

where our story begins!

I’ve always loved to journal. Although back  in the day we referred to it as simply “writing”. I have written in  everything from personal diaries starting in elementary school through  high school (oh the secrets they held), travel journals during my cruise  ship days (what fun they were to do), and currently I journal for  inspiration, clarity and insight pertaining to my business.
I re-discovered my journal passion while  helping others to reconnect with their best self! Not only is it a great  use of your time, it is purposeful helping to relieve stress and  anxiety that comes from normal everyday life. The process of sitting  quietly and writing your thoughts and feelings and even pouring your  heart and soul into the pages is very therapeutic. But sometimes it’s  hard! Sometimes you just don’t know where to start!


I had been sharing journal prompt ideas  with my family, friends and clients as a way for them to reconnect with  happier times if they were sad or to change their mindset to be more  positive and purposeful. Not only were they feeling great, they were  making changes and enjoying the benefits of a more positive mindset. Now  they are being their authentic selves … and loving it!

One of my friends suggested I share this  process on a larger platform, in a bigger way to help more women create  the life they wanted to live and be happier. And so The Lollipop Tree  Journey was born!! Testing journal papers, the quality of pens and  working towards creating a process that would truly help more women make  changes and get a mindset that is more positive and purposeful became  my passion.  I created a one-of-a-kind guided journal experience for  busy women that encourages reflection, self-discovery and creativity  while becoming their authentic selves. And the best part, it is  delivered monthly to your door.

We would love to have you join us!

0affa7c0a1f3a69cfc6a8f0f049c9c83-hand-drawn-heart-sticker-by-vexels  Teri Brauer, Founder