What's inside the box...

Every month has a very specific theme that we use to cultivate a very unique journal experience for our subscribers and community. The Creative Box monthly subscription includes the following:



bookmark or clips

inspirational post cards

quick journal prompt card

access to the Member’s Only Café

and a few other surprises!!

Each month we change the theme to bring to you a unique guided journal  experience. Like other subscription boxes, you won’t know exactly what  is in the box until it arrives on your doorstep, although we have been  known to release a  “spoiler alert” from time to time. The best way to  be kept up-to-date is to sign up for our weekly newsletter Page by Page.   


Still not quite sure if

The Lollipop Tree Journey is for you?

This is the subscription box that is truly for all women who want to live life to the fullest! No matter your age, background or current interests this box will give you inspiration to create a positive mindset and maintain it. 

If you feel like you are meant for more but not sure where to start to find it, this box will give you clarity to help sort it out. 

If you are happy and content and have everything you want, this box will show you how to be grateful every day and manifest more things to be grateful for. 

If you are struggling with your day to day routine, this box will help you be mindful and more intentional. 

If you are already and avid journaler this box will give you some fun tidbits with the journal prompts to keep your journals fun and fresh!!

We would love to welcome you on this journey with us. Give it a try and see all the ways The Lollipop Tree Journey can inspire you. Get started today...